Adelco Matrix Oval

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Adelco Matrix Oval

The versatile carousel based Adelco Matrix Oval screen print press provides more versatility for high-production runs. Oval formats offer more efficient use of space.


The Oval takes up less floor space than comparable carousel based machines and enables greater stability with larger print areas. It provides more versatility with multiple flashes, cooling, and specialty print stations.  

Available in three standard print size formats. The Matrix can be configured for almost any production requirement with an almost infinite number of pallets & print stations.

Pallets are securely locked with hardened locators. Indexing to an accuracy of +/- 0.02mm.

Safety barriers, proximity sensors, and safety lasers run the full length of the machine that immediately stops the machine if activated. Designed with safety as a priority with worldwide renowned certification.

High power servo index, fast and independent screen lift lower and smooth, servo driven print heads enable cycle times in excess of 900 prints per hour.

Unparalleled support of print heads & pallet arms during print cycle for exceptional print quality and repeatability.

The Matrix has a unique rail and drive system quality that ensures almost silent operation creating a quiet print shop environment.










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