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Since our partnership in 1990, we have been the exclusive U.S. distributor of the industry's leader in embroidery software, Pulse Microsystems. Through their cutting-edge programming, mathematics and embroidery expertise, Pulse Microsystems has offered many industry firsts, becoming an internationally recognized pioneer of technological innovations. Pulse Microsystems shows its continued commitment to staying the leader by offering cloud based applications, impeccable stitch quality, hand in hand professional alliances with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw and maintaining their Microsoft© certifications. So whatever your embroidery software needs may be, we are confident Pulse Microsystems has the perfect solution for your business.

  • Pulse Embroidery Software
  • Great embroidery begins with great software!
    Creating an embroidery design that runs flawlessly on the machine is easy if you have the right tools to create the design.
    Pulse Embroidery Software has everything you need to create professional embroidery designs: Perfect lettering, the highest stitch quality in the industry, outline and stitch by stitch editing, vector based embroidery capabilities, world class support and exclusive webinar based training. Ask us how you can try out DG16 before buying!

  • Retail and Kiosk
  • Customizable personalized garments is quick and easy with one of Pulse's retail software solutions, offering the customer a unique and personalized experience right within your retail store. Pulse software allows the customer to participate in nearly every aspect of the garment manufacturing process; from selecting a garment and creating a customized design, to embroidering or printing their personalized artwork.

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • A hands free approach to greater productivity. Free yourself from tasks that can be easily handled by automation, creating more time for you to focus on customer service, and allowing you to scale up your business. Standardize your critical production processes and eliminate costs associated with manual errors. Our PulseID automation solutions seamlessly integrate into your current production processes, no matter how large or small your apparel decoration business is. Pulse software works flawlessly to save you time and labor costs, improving delivery times and eliminating 100% of errors associated with manual input. With full scale production automation and SaaS options, we have the right solution for companies of all sizes.

  • Design Management Solutions
  • Manage your digital assets with the Librarian suite of products. Librarian is a Digital Asset management solution for embroiderers. An efficient way to manage embroidery designs and artwork, it eliminates the need for disks or tapes, and delivers a design management solution to all sections of the organization. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, Librarian helps you organize, manage, and find designs quickly. Librarian allows multiple users to access a central design database over a network easily and efficiently.. so you will never waste time looking for designs, whether you share designs across the cubicle or across time zones!

  • Embroidery options for Graphics Programs
  • Revolutionary Embroidery i2 plug-in for CorelDRAW® or Adobe® Illustrator® lets you create embroidery using your graphics program. Work effortlessly within a familiar interface, no need for a separate embroidery software application!

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