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There is a Tajima embroidery machine for every possible need and function. From single head embroidery machines to multi-head and specialty embroidery machines, Tajima has you covered. Caps, shirts, jackets, bags, blankets, etc. are a cinch with Tajima. In fact, if you can get a needle through it, a Tajima embroidery machine can embroider it. And with our diverse collection of options and accessories such as laser, sequins, cording, boring, clamps, and cylindrical frames, your creativity is only limited by your imagination.

  • Single Head Embroidery
  • The single head embroidery machine is often the most important decision you will make in regards to embroidery equipment. Quality Equipment, Training, Support and a Clear Growth Path are all very important factors. Whether you are starting up, going mobile, doing personalization, or just need a sampling machine, Tajima offers the most extensive variety of embroidery machine options to suit your needs. Though small in size, these powerful single head workhorses are built to the same standards and specifications as Tajima's high volume, production intensive multi-head embroidery machines, known the world over.

  • 2 Head Embroidery
  • Faster production runs, more consistent stitching, higher design quality and reduced setup times makes Tajima commercial embroidery machines the most efficient and reliable embroidery equipment in the world today. Our TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC two head embroidery machines offer a variety of configurations and attachments for the perfect embroidery machine.

  • 4 Head Embroidery
  • Tajima's 4 head stretch embroidery machines feature 19 inches of space between heads to make it easy to embroider large, bulky objects. Our TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC 4 head embroidery machines offer Tajima's legendary quality to achieve spectacular embroidery results. All models are LAN enabled for lightning fast design transfers.

  • 6 Head Embroidery
  • Standard and stretch models are available for Tajima 6 head embroidery machines. The standard model has 14 inches between heads and the stretch model has 19 inches of space between heads to make it easy to embroider large, bulky objects. Our TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC 6 head embroidery machines will stand the test of time.

  • 8 Head Embroidery
  • Look no further than Tajima's 8 head embroidery machines for production machines offering full versatility. The 8 head embroidery machines are small enough to handle small runs but large enough to tackle jobs of any size. Our TFMX-IIC and TMAR-KC 8 head embroidery machines offer a machine to fit any need.

  • 12+ Head Embroidery
  • High volume jobs demand a high volume embroidery machine. Tajima has over 250 different models to appeal to any embroidery application. Only Tajima offers the variety of models, options and attachments to run your production shop with equipment tailored to your exact needs.

  • Chenille
  • The demand for Chenille Embroidery is growing everyday! Once relegated to creating Letterman Jacket "Emblems", chenille has now expanded into the corporate, spririt, souvenir and fashion. Tajima makes this possible with its high-tech TCMX family of chenille machines.

  • Specialty
  • Our specialty machines break the boundaries of traditional embroidery machines.

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