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Increase product value and reduce application times with Seit Textile Lasers

As part of the Hirsch family of high quality embellishment equipment, Seit Elettronica has been a world leader in the development of textile laser technology for over 20 years. Seit has obtained multiple patents on their innovative cutting-edge processes. Seit works directly with Tajima and Pulse Microsystems in their development of laser technology, making it a true family of strategic partners.

  • Single Head Lasers
  • The Seit Single Head Lasers harness the power of the Tajima Single Head Embroidery Machines and provide advanced cutting capabilities at the machine level. Control costs, add flexibility and give your customers a wow factor with the Seit Single Head Laser.

  • Performa Series
  • The Performa series brings the powerful features and functionality of the Bridge Laser to virtually any shop. With the compact size and traditional power requirements, the Performa brings laser technology to those who never thought it was possible.

  • Laser Bridge
  • The Seit Laser Bridge is the fastest way to cut appliques, reverse appliques and to etch garments. With its large spanning options, a variety of embroidery equipment and work tables can be configured for maximum production.

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