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Manage your digital assets with the Librarian suite of products. Librarian is a Digital Asset management solution for embroiderers. An efficient way to manage embroidery designs and artwork, it eliminates the need for disks or tapes, and delivers a design management solution to all sections of the organization. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, Librarian helps you organize, manage, and find designs quickly. Librarian allows multiple users to access a central design database over a network easily and efficiently.. so you will never waste time looking for designs, whether you share designs across the cubicle or across time zones!

Tajima Librarian by Pulse

Does your business need a design management solution? Imagine yourself in this scenario: An important customer is on the phone. They urgently need to re-order a design that was last done 18 months ago. Can you find the design at a moment's notice and email it to the customer for confirmation right away? With Librarian, you don't need to look through hundreds of folders, disks or books to find the right version of the design. It is available in a few seconds, so you can answer design queries while on the phone!

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