Automatic Folding Machines

Folding and Bagging Dekken Folding and Bagging

Dekken has 2 models of Folding machines. Hirsch product experts can help you choose the right one to fit your needs.


The T-APPAREL PRO III folding machine creates the perfect solution for folding and stacking all kinds of apparel, like T-shirts, polo shirts, ladies tops, pants, short and long sleeve dress shirts, and more. The T-APPAREL PRO III easily changes between garment types with the push of a button, without the need for mechanical adjustments.


T-MINI Folding/Bagging Machine

The T-Mini is built with powerful features packed into a compact frame. The T-Mini is capable of folding up to 620 pieces per hour with an integrated bagging system. Easily folds cottons, blends and polyesters to provide maximum versatility. The T-mini is economically priced to allow businesses of all sizes to add automated folding to their organizations.

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