Bagger/Sealer Machinery

Folding and Bagging Dekken Folding and Bagging

Baggers are the perfect companion for a folding machine. Hirsch offers 2 different models to fit your needs.

FP6000 Automatic L-Sealer

The FP6000 automatic L-sealer is a high performance, highly efficient, all electric sealer that can deliver top quality packaging of your garments at high speed.


Semi-Auto Bagger/Sealer (PP-615)

Attaches to the T-APPAREL PRO - The most versatile folding, bagging, and sealing solutions in the market today. The T-Apparel Pro provides precision folding of all types of apparel such as t-shirts, polo shirts, ladies’ tops, dresses, pants, short sleeve, long sleeve and the difficult polyester & dry fit materials. Switch in seconds with the push of a button and couple that versatility with either a fully automatic or manual bagger-sealer machine.

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