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Schulze PretreatMaker 5












Schulze 5 open


Modern design. User friendly.

  • 5 nozzle system with a spray area of ​​42 x 60 cm. 
  • Comfortable large 7 inch touch screen.
  • Intuitive user interface design.
  • Innovative button for touchless control.
  • 3-color LED lamp indicates the status of the device.
  • Upgraded Design: Easy to use and clean.

Save pre-treatment. minimize costs.

  • Standard Mode: Set spray rate with speed and direction only.
  • Auto mode: calibrated smart spray mode in which the spray volume is automatically adjusted to the selected spray area.
  • Use the Auto Smart Spray mode to always get the optimal amount of spray for best printing results.

quality and consistency.

  • Consistently good spray results for brilliant colors, sharp details, and excellent washability.
  • Improved pump technology for constant pump pressure performance.
  • Improved motor control for almost silent operation.
  • More custom spray presets are available.
  • Precision Spray: Adjust the spray area even finer.

Automated workflow.

  • Automatic start and stop routine with nozzle check.
  • Scan to spray barcode capability.
  • Barcode generator to simplify your workflow.
  • Improved automatic pump cleaning.

Less downtime. More spray time.

  • Always have a perfect overview of the status of all important maintenance functions.
  • Intelligent maintenance notifications remind you of important maintenance tasks.
  • Digital level monitoring of all tanks.
  • Full control over maintenance.






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PretreatMaker Basic

pretreat basic transpretreat basic2


  • Stepper motor for smoother, more accurate spray patterns
  •  Complete spray and mist containment
  • One touch automated cleaning functions for easier use
  • Quickly switch between two pretreatment liquids
  • Lower slides with splash guards and anti-stick sliders on upper rails
  • Optional open interface and barcode system easy integration with existing production systems
  • Optional onboard scale for measuring fluid lay down and low supply warning
  •  Durable zinc and powder-coated housing
  •  Large spray area (16.5"°× 23.5")
  •  Compact size (35"°× 28"°× 19")



Schulze PretreatMaker

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