The TMBP-SC Series from Tajima Embroidery has once again raised the bar for single head embroidery machines. A newly designed slim cylinder allows for embroidery on challenging items such as small pockets and socks. The cap driver has its own shaft which allows for high speed cap production with precision results. Additionally, the TMBP-SC has a streamlined Cubical Frame Design which has no sides allowing the TMBP-SC to embroider on over-sized jackets, blankets or large duffel bags as well as polo shirts and caps.


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Slim Cylinder



Slim Cylinder makes it possible to embroider on smaller products such as socks, gloves, and pockets. 







Versatile Cap Driver



The cap driver incorporates a lower shaft and a third locking pin to stabilize the cap during embroidery to enhance quality, and run at higher speeds.







Design Position Adjustment



Design Position Adjustment feature allows a design to follow any reference line of your choice ensuring perfect alignment every time.








Thread Locking



The Thread Locking System secures the thread after a trim to help prevent the thread pulling out during needle startup.







Trimmed Needle Plate



A shorter distance between the needle hole and the edge of the trimmed needle plate offers an increased embroidery area on many items.







LED Position Marker



A red dot projected above the needle hole helps identify the actual embroidery area when tracing the design before stitching.







LED Needle Base Light



The LED Needle Base Light illuminates the needle area and provides the operator a better view of the item being embroidered.







Steeper Head Tilt



The Steeper Tilt Head angles the bill of a cap more which allows stitching closer to the bill and increases the embroidery area.

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