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Multi-Color Embroidery + Perforating + Multi-Color Sewing




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Perforation, Multi-Color Sewing, and Multi-Color Embroidery

can all be accomplished on this single machine without replacing or re-aligning the material so there is no worry about design displacement.



   The Tajima PAX is able to sew, embroider and perforate leather, Alcantara, and laminated hides. A normal embroidery head, alongside a special punching head perforates the material on the frame with punches of different diameters. Perforating, sewing, and embroidery take place without ever moving the material from the worktop. This allows you to reach new levels of precision.
   The multi-head Tajima PAX is a versatile machine designed specifically for the footwear and leather sector. It combines a robust embroidery head with a special punching head able to cut and pierce any type of leather without leaving any traces of dirt or burning typically released by laser technology. It offers the possibility to cut, pierce and decorate leather at the same time, all with only one machine.
  This machine is perfect for decorations in the High Fashion, Furniture, Automotive, and related industries, where the processes require very large ranges.
   Tajima PAX offers incredible production performance and can unleash the creativity of designers, improve the quality of the products and optimize the operating speed and costs.



Precision and usability, fully incorporating Tajima's embroidery technologies


 A special punching head allows for cutting, punching holes and decorating leather and other materials.

PAX Perforation

Sewing and Embroidery

Embroidery head included allows for faster production time with less room for registration error

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Wide Work Area

Bridge style structure allows for large sew field perfect for oversized projects such as car seats and furniture

PAX work area

High-precision and Stable Finish

Due to the structure supporting the frame in the back(A) on the right side(B), frame movement is stable and provides high-precision hole making, sewing and embroidery.
The machine incorporates many of our main functions achieved through our many years of experience for color change, sewing finish and thread trimming.

Wide Work Area

For the electric pattern sewing machine head, the "Bridge Type" is adopted instead of the space-constraining "Arm Type," so that a wider work area(C) can be achieved as compared to a common sewing machine.
It allows a wider application of embroidery to such larger items like car seats and furniture.

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Tajima's original "digitally controlled presser foot [DCP]" Image

   Tajima's original "digitally controlled presser foot [DCP]"

When real leather and urethane are sewn together during machine quilting, the presser foot may be set at a low level so that the elastic urethane can be held down securely while still maintaining its volume. This prevents the thread from loosening and creates a voluminous finish.




Your creativity instantly reproduced in design data

   Tajima's exclusive digitizing software "DG-S" helps to create designs without restricting the designers' creativity.
The created designs can be easily edited, reducing mistakes caused by trial and error. Illustrator and/or CAD data can be converted to perforating data and/or sewing data.
*DG16 is required for creation of embroidery data.

pax feature2


Supported for the rounded rectangle perforator needle Image



 Supported for the rounded rectangle perforator needle

The exclusive use of angle gauges ensures that the rounded rectangle perforator needle can be mounted at the correct angle.
By mounting on several needle bars at different angles, the variety of designs can be expanded, such as motifs featuring rotation.






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