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The possibilities are endless


Unlock a world of potential

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  • Create Unique Patterns 
  • Create Smooth Gradients
  • Break Bounds of Traditional Embroidery
  • Color Match with Ease
  • Colorize any DST File for Coloreel
  • Cut Down on Thread Inventory 
  • Improve Production time
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Coloreel Instant Thread Coloring Unit, a unique product for instant thread coloring on-demand. The product can be mounted on any modern Tajima single-head or multi-head embroidery machine. It’s easy to operate with a smart touch screen panel, can be controlled remotely, and works on all standard thread speeds, matching normal production speed.

coloreelcustom copy


Why Coloreel?


Easily offer and now achieve the embroidery gradients you have only dreamed of

Coloreel Scouterna

Fewer supplies

No need for walls of thread cones sitting and collecting dust. Experience color freedom with every design.

Gradient logo Dream 2 - large (582437)

No limits

Even the smallest details are no problem for Coloreel.  Add interest and intrigue to all designs no matter the size or details

Coloreel hat on Tajima


Video Showcase



Production Workflow

Coloreel production-workflow-2


Multi-Head Configuration

Scale up or meet your production demands with a Coloreel multi-head solution. Equip your multi-head Tajima embroidery machine with Coloreel units for enhanced operational efficiency for any order size with faster turnaround with consistent quality.

Coloreel Multihead Configuration



Right for you?

Something unique and colorful aimed to change or strengthen the perception of your brand,
your design, or your product. With Coloreel you can tell that story freely and precisely, powered
by an infinite color palette and your vivid imagination. 

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