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Head interval refers to the space from one head to the next.  Standard machines refer to machines with 360mm (14") head intervals. 

Stretch machines have a 500mm (19.6") head interval.  A larger interval makes is easier for larger, bulky products to fit comfortably between heads and a larger x-axis embroidery field.

Standard vs Stretch


Tajima TMAR2 1506HEAD 360

360 MM Head Interval

The standard 360 MM head interval machines are ideal for producing a standard mix of products that are not limited to caps, shirts, sweatshirts, jacket backs, and infinitely more.

Standard vs Stretch



500 MM Head Interval

The 500mm head interval provides more space between heads which makes it easier to accommodate larger, bulky products such as sweatshirts, jackets, blankets, etc..  This setup is ideal for customers who do a larger percentage of these types of items and can accommodate the larger machine size.



Features of Tajima Multi-Heads

With a diverse line of robust multi head embroidery machine options, Tajima has a machine to solve every problem big or small.

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Safety Beam Sensor



A beam surrounds the work area while machine is in motion. If the plane is broken the machine will immediately stop.








Thread Locking System



The thread locking system secures the thread after a trim to prevent the thread pulling out during start.









LED Needle Base Light



LED needle base light illuminates the needle area and enables the operator a better view of the item being embroidered.









Trimmed Needle Plate



A shorter needle plate offers an increased embroidery area on many items such as small sleeves or caps.








Slim Cylinder



The slim cylinder makes it possible to embroider on smaller objects such as socks, gloves, and pockets.







Versatile Cap Driver



The new cap driver incorporates a lower shaft and a third locking pin to stabilize the cap while running to enhance quality, and run at higher speeds.








Steep Head Tilt



The steeper head angles the bill of any cap and allows for placement closer to the brim increasing the embroidery area.








Thread Break Detection



A sensor monitors the thread movement while stitching.  If the tension on the upper or lower thread is broken the machine stops stitching relaying an error on the controller.

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